Adopt-A-Nipper: Local Community Backs Nippers


Social Innovation is alive and well on the Central Coast with key community groups and businesses from The Entrance joining forces to support a new and innovative surf, swim and beach-safety program, being run by The Entrance Surf Club, called Adopt-A-Nipper.

The pilot program, Adopt-A-Nipper, designed by Central Coast Social Innnovation Architect Gaye Crispin, aims to get more local kids involved in Nippers by removing fees as a stumbling block.

The program, a first of its kind, initially offered 50 FREE ‘Nipperships’ to local school children from The Entrance Public School children aged between 6 to 10 years, and is sponsored by;

  • The Entrance SLSC
  • The Entrance Public School
  • Retail Traders 2261
  • Many small business owners from the Coast Lakes region

“The Central Coast has some of the most beautiful, expansive and easily accessible  beaches in the country” Gaye Crispin said, “and this program is all about growing more surf-savvy kids.

Surf Life Saving Nippers Programs are traditionally the best way for kids to learn beach and surf safety, and the Nippers program produces some of the most beach and surf-savvy kids I know. This program is also a Community Project which benefits and connects everybody involved.  It connects the schools, children, their parents, local businesses, and the Surf Life Saving Community all together in highly unique and positive way. And any sponsoring businesses or clubs will receive a huge amount of support, recognition and benefits from this program.

We have the program,  and we have the kids. Now we just need local business owners, community groups and households to each Adopt-A-Nipper to make the program a success.”

If your business or club would like to Adopt-A-Nipper please email info@siaa.com.au or call Gaye Crispin on 0408 445 960.

Project Aims:

  • To help young children develop confidence and competence when swimming in the ocean, so they and their families can confidently enjoy all the benefits of choosing a seaside lifestyle.
  • To support our Surf Life Saving Club that works so hard to ensure the safety of locals and holiday-makers while enjoying our beautiful beaches.
  • To make Nippers enrolment more accessible to all , thereby securing a stronger, sustainable and more resilient future for our local Surf Life Saving Clubs.


Because kids are the future of Surf Life SavingKIDS LOGO


For more information phone 0408 445 960 or email info@siaa.com.au